WHAT IS Snooker In The Frame?

“I first saw Tom’s work a few years ago, and did a double-take as I wasn’t quite sure whether I was seeing things. They are superb, and what I love most about them is watching other people’s reactions to them. It is great to see how different people like different things in them. They really illustrate the different tastes that people have. They all seem to have a favourite but rarely have I seen people agree on which one it is”. Steve Davis OBE

Snooker In The Frame is the collective title for my series of snooker-related pictures. In these pastel works, I’ve approached the game from a diversity of angles, imparting spin, stun and side to end up in some bizarre, surprising, humorous and deceptive visual positions. Many of the images, whilst primarily focusing on aspects of snooker, also contain added extras, sub-stories of various types and tributes to other artists. Some liberties have also been taken with snooker terminology, so please look at them carefully or you might miss the point, or even the pocket.

Work began on the project in mid 2005 with the objective of creating a maximum break of 147 images. All 147 images are now complete and on this website.

Many of the pictures have been featured on BBC2 during coverage of the 2006 and 2007 UK Championships and the 2007, 2008 and 2009 World Championships. (see - videos HERE)

“Through wit, invention and a fresh eye, Tom Walker has produced his striking series of variations on a theme of snooker, which are lively and intriguing in equal measure”. Clive Everton

Some of the pictures are available as prints (A4 @ £7.50, A3 @ £15) and postcards (£1). Prices include P&P. To order, contact Tom via tom@tommwalker.co.uk

Slide show of Tom's recent Maxibition at the 2009 World Snooker Championship - HERE

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Brass Band
The Run of the Balls
(homage to Dali)
The Village Green
Breaking Off
Snooker Club
Day Break
(homage to Magritte)
The Grapes of Wrath
An Unlucky Kiss
The Long Game
A Grand Parade
Pot Black
Still Life
Lunar Snooker

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