TOURNEMIRE (The original works are not for sale*)

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  This section is devoted to my work inspired by the organ music of the French composer CHARLES TOURNEMIRE (1870-1939). His great liturgical cycle L'Orgue Mystique (The Mystical Organ) 1927-1932 comprises 51 5-part organ masses based on Gregorian chants encompassing the main Sundays and festivals of the Roman rite.

   The mystical radiance, tenderness and majesty of this music inspired me to respond visually with The Mystic Image, a corresponding cycle of 51 5-part pastel triptychs (each 100x125 cms) laid out as follows:
  1. introit (top left);
  2. offertory (below 1.);
  3. elevation (top right);
  4. communion (below 3.);
  5. postlude (centre).
   To reflect Tournemire's encompassing theme of light overcoming darkness I worked on black paper, each mark thus representing light. My intention was to evoke the atmosphere of the music within the context of the words of the chants whilst referring to elements of the composer's life and faith. Thus, the sea and rocks of his island retreat, Ouessant; the cathedrals he loved and his belief in the manifestation of God in Nature play essential parts in the image sequences. Many of these images have been reproduced on CDs of Tournemire's music and of choral and organ music by others.

* In 2001 a calendar featuring 12 of the triptychs was published. Individual pages from those calendars, with a different triptych on each side, are available for £1 each, or the set of 6, double-sided pages for £5. Prices include P&P in UK. Payment by cheque only. The triptychs available in this format are indicated below their titles (in red). Please email Tom Walker to arrange order.

   For further information about The Mystic Image and my other works inspired by Tournemire please e-mail Tom Walker.

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